Extra Benefits

Family Health Network Extra BenefitsTransportation

Family Health Network will arrange transportation for all your covered services. Members can set up transportation by calling 1-888-346-4968 TTY: 711 at least 24 hours in advance during FHN business hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

No Co-Payments

FHN members do not need to pay a co-payment. You are covered for doctor visits, emergency room visits, hospital services and covered prescriptions. Just show your FHN Medical Card at FHN providers.

*Always carry your FHN ID Card and HFS Medical Card to make sure there are no co-pays.

Brighter Beginnings Program

This program is set up to help women have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Call Member Services to sign up for Brighter Beginnings. Let Family Health Network know that you are pregnant. You will have many benefits:

  • Help from a care coordinators to find services you need
  • Transportation. You will get rides to medical visits and birthing classes
  • Free pregnancy booklets
  • $10 Reward. You will earn a reward for each prenatal visit
  • Safe Sleep Survival Kit. Includes a Graco Pack 'n Play, Halo Sleep Sack, Crib Sheet with message, Pacifier, and Sleep Baby Safe and Sound Book. When you miss NO MORE than 1 required prenatal visits.  
  • $25 Reward. If you go to your postpartum visit after the baby is born. You also need to complete a Depression Screening

You must sign up for Brighter Beginnings to get these benefits and earn these rewards. When you sign up, you will get a welcome package in the mail. It will include the Brighter Beginnings Incentive Form.

To get your $10 Reward:

Each time you go to the doctor before the baby is born, you can earn a $10 Reward. Bring your Incentive Form and have it filled out by the doctor or the office staff. Then, mail the Incentive Form to FHN. When FHN gets the form, $10 will be added to your Reward Card and the next prenatal visit Incentive Form will be mailed to you.

To get your Safe Sleep Survival Kit:

You must tell FHN when you deliver. You must not miss more than 1 of the required prenatal visits.

To get your $25 Reward:

FHN will send you a postpartum visit and Depression Screening Incentive Form. You must go to the postpartum visit within 21-56 days after birth. You must also complete the Depression Screening. The Incentive Form must be filled out by the doctor or office staff and mailed back to FHN. Once FHN gets the completed incentive form, a $25 Reward will be added to your Reward Card.

Free Adult Dental Services

Free adult dental services for FHN members:

  • Periodic Oral Exam. Plus dental cleaning every 6 months
  • Advanced technical cleaning. Plus x-rays of the entire mouth every 3 years
  • Root planning and scaling for gum disease. You can receive once per lifetime
  • Teeth cleaning every 6 months for teeth and mouth health

Members can call 1-888-346-4968 TTY: 711 to find a provider near them or use the Find a Provider search tool on the website.

Free Cough, Cold, Allergy Medicines and Vitamins

FHN members can get free cough, cold and allergy medicines and vitamins prescribed by the doctor.

$40 Vision Rebate for Adults

FHN adult members (21 years of age and older) can receive a $40 Vision Rebate for glasses frames or contacts. Just buy them from a licensed provider. They will need the itemized receipt from the optical center.

Print the Vision Rebate Form (Formulario de Reembolso Visión) to get the rebate. Or call Member Services to get the form by mail. Members should send the filled out rebate form and itemized receipt to the Family Health Network. When FHN gets the completed form and receipt, a $40 rebate will be mailed to the member. *Each member can use this rebate once a year.

Toddler Book Club

FHN members Toddler Book Club is for children ages 3-4. Toddlers will get a free book per quarter.

To sign up, members should print the Toddler Book Club Program (Club Infantil del Libro) form or call Member Services to get the form by mail. The completed form should be sent to FHN and FHN will mail a book to the address given.

Children’s Book Club

FHN members Children's Book Club is for children ages 5-16. Children can earn special rewards for reading when they sign up for the book club and send FHN 3 book reports quarterly (4 times a year). They will get a $10 Reward Card, book, book bag and reading certificate.

To sign up, members should print the Children’s Book Club Form (Folleto Informativo del Club Infantil del Libro) or call Member Services to get the form by mail. The completed form should be sent to FHN with the 3 book reports attached. When FHN gets the form and reports, a book, a certificate, $10 Reward Card and a book bag will be sent to the address given.

Free Weight Watchers® Membership

Free Weight Watchers® membership and weekly meeting coupons are available. FHN Members may join in this program if they meet the age, weight and height rules. They will receive free weekly coupons to go to meetings when they send FHN their signed weekly weigh-in sheet.

Members need to call FHN Member Services to sign up for Weight Watchers. After they sign up, they need to go to weekly meetings. Then they need to mail or fax authorized coupons to FHN in order to get additional coupons.

Discounted Curves® Membership

FHN members can get a lower price on a Curves® Membership. Plus they can avoid paying the joining fee. FHN female members age 18 and over can get a Curves membership discount of $32 a month. They will not have to pay the joining fee ($99) when they sign up with FHN. This benefit can be used at all the Curves in Cook County. Also, any female FHN member age 12-17 may work out with an adult member for $17 a month.

If you want to join Curves, please call FHN Member Services. Ask about the Curves membership and the discount coupon. Members must show the Curves Coupon and FHN ID Card when they go to any of the Cook County Curves locations to sign up for the discounted membership of $32 a month.

*To get the Curves discount, FHN members must sign a 3-month agreement. It can be paid by check, money order or credit card. Members can renew their membership every 3 months.

Health Information Line

Health Information Line is our FREE 24-hour helpline for members. Members can call to ask about symptoms they are having or medicines they are taking. They are welcome to ask any health-related questions.

Call Health Information Line toll free at 1-888-346-4968, ask to speak with a nurse.


A free Newsletter will be sent to your home or email on a regular basis. To receive your Newsletter to your email, sign up for GO Green. Click here to go paperless.

Health Education

FHN gives members free health information on many topics. FHN members can learn about pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding. Or they can learn about asthma, diabetes or how to quit smoking. Call Member Services to get free health info.

Pregnancy Tests

FHN offers free pregnancy tests for home use. Members can call FHN and ask for a free home pregnancy test kit. An FHN case worker will call the member to confirm the pregnancy test results and sign them up for the Brighter Beginnings Program if they are pregnant.


Free $1 coupons to use on any Equaline product. Equaline is Jewel-Osco’s generic brand. (For example, vitamins, aspirin and first-aid products are available.) FHN members can call Members Services. Ask for up to 5 coupons a month to use at any store in Cook County that will take the coupons.

Member Services

If you have a question about your health plan, please call Member Services.  Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

Si tiene preguntas sobre su plan de salud, por favor llame a la línea de Atención a Miembros Participantes. Horario de 8 a.m. a 5 p.m. de Lunes a Viernes y Sábado de 9 a.m. a 1 p.m.

TTY: 711

FLU Season

Flu season begins in October and lasts as late as May. Talk to your doctor about getting a FREE flu shot today.

Click here for more information

Service Area

FHN serves people living in the Chicago area: including Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kankakee, Lake and Will Counties.

Service outside of our Service Area

If you are not in our service area and you need care but it is not an emergency, please call us at 1-888-346-4968 TTY: 711. We will work with you to help you get the care and services you need. When FHN helps to arrange non-emergency services for you outside its service area, we will cover the cost. If you get services outside of our coverage area, we may not pay for those services.
If you are not in our service area and you need emergency care, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.