FHN Benefits
Family Health Network will provide you with the best doctors, clinics and quality care
you deserve. As a member you will receive Basic Medical Benefits, Extra Benefits and
Healthy Incentives for being a valued member.
Membership Services
If you have any questions or concerns, please call FHN Member Services:

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Basic Medical Benefits
• Baby Care
• Doctor Visits
• Immunizations
• Prescriptions
• Hospital Services
• School Physicals
• Emergency Care
• Medical tests and Therapy
• Transportation and Ambulance in
  Emergency Situations

FHN Healthy Incentives
FHN wants you to be healthy and stay
healthy. That is why we offer healthy
rewards and incentives for members who
take part in their healthcare. Healthy
Incentives are effective as of July 1st, 2010.

$10 Target Gift Cards for pre-natal visits
$25 Target Gift Card and Baby Photo  
  Program for post-partum visit
  and depression screening
Diaper Program for keeping children’s
  immunizations up-to-date
Mammography Program for women age
  40 and over
Extra Benefits
Click on the links below for details:
No Co-Payments
Brighter Beginnings
FREE Adult Dental Services
$20 Adult Vision Rebate
Children’s Book Club
FREE Weight Watchers® Membership
Discounted Curves® Membership
Monthly Newsletters
Health Education Program
FREE Pregnancy Test Kits
FREE $1 Jewel-Osco Coupons
FHN firmly believes women should have the best quality of pregnancy care.

See the pre-natal visit schedule to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

FHN Member